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About Core Security Training


‘We help organisations invest in their greatest asset – their people’

Our services help you design a process of change, and thus build your change through implementation and lead your team to drive continuous improvement, throughout your organisation.


Our Purpose Statement is our WHY and provides the foundation for our core values,  vision and mission. It clearly defines who we are as a business and where we expect to be in the future.

Our intention is to inspire and lead within our working scope and to set high standards for similar businesses to mimic.

Our Purpose:

Working with Community and our Clients, to transform lives through inspired learning, and valued based services.



To invest in and participate in community programs through meaningful engagement, personal funding and affiliated business partners.


To remain dedicated and committed to achieving our purpose without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure


To set clear expectations, assume ownership and take responsibility for our actions; problem solves issues to achieve success and learn from our mistakes.


We are a values-based and outcome-focused business with a diverse and dynamic team available to deliver our services and partner businesses with complementary specialisation services. We focus our training and consultation towards blue collar management as we believe this is the spearhead of any organisation.

The business was established in 2013 under the directorship of Peter Wunderlich and is based in Perth, Western Australia. The business specializes in auditing and technical writing in accordance with standards ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Safety and ISO31000 Risk. We also provide management, logistical and security consultation, security training programs and stakeholder management, as well as a business improvement methodology.

We also provide on-site coaching and mentoring for supervisors, and doing this, it allows supervisors to discuss issues and seek advice from external sources quickly. Through requesting an outside non-biased opinion or view to clarify solutions to issues alleviates the feelings of anxiety they may have due to having to approach upper management for solutions at particular times or having to create appointments to meet with them.

We expect that our growth and success will be directly linked to our commitment to excellence, innovation and professional services that we provide to our clients. Our drive is to ensure a positive Return On Investment (ROI) for clients and building client relationships through excellent stakeholder management and positive communications. Our business methodology is that, we believe by having fewer committed customers produce a more intimate and longer-lasting relationship.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #52634 with the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) Western Australia. Our training delivery is based on providing an environment where learners can learn and feel empowered to gain the confidence to take their new learned skills into the workplace. We also provide added value through follow up, on-site consultation with the customer, to ensure that the skills obtained through our training delivery are retained and improved upon. We do this by conducting reviews and evaluating the learner’s effectiveness in their job role and by providing a report and analyzing the outcome to fill any gaps.

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