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Bonowi Trilock Handcuffs

Safety Standards

Officers’ own safety in the line of duty is the top priority, specialised equipment like Bonowi Trilock Handcuffs plays a crucial role. For this reason, the highest standards must be guaranteed for a set of handcuffs – secure and easy to use in an emergency.

In order to meet the needs of all operational situations, we have developed a set of handcuffs which sets completely new standards. The TRILOCK is manufactured using the MIM (metal injection molding) process. User experience formed the basis for the design and handling of the handcuffs.

The result is a resource which means that the cuffs can be put on intuitively by the user in all situations (even in darkness) thanks to their geometry and construction. The double-lock was designed in such a way that it can also be easily operated with gloves.

Bonowi Trilock Handcuffs
Bonowi Trilock Handcuffs

Bonowi Trilock Handcuffs

  • Suitable for all wrist sizes
  • With triple-locking mechanism
  • Secured against unintentional tightening of the locking clip (potentially hurting a finger)
  • The locks can be opened from both sides
  • Complete stainless-steel housing
  • Chain version available with 2-link and 4-link chain

Handcuff pouches

Kydex receptacle with key holder

Kydex receptacle with key holder

Kydex receptacle fixing

Cordura handcuff pouch available for chain or hinged version

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