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Baton Requalification Course in Perth

Security officers who hold a baton endorsement approved under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996, s26.

Baton Re-qualification assessment must be conducted in accordance with Condition 18 of the Police Commissioners Conditions.

To Attend This Assessment You Must:

  • Provide your own baton

  • Have a suitable baton holster and belt

  • Provide a valid Security License or photo ID issued by a Western Australian Government agency

  • Have no criminal convictions

  • Be proficient in the English Language

To Attend This Course You Must:

  • Security officers with a Section 26 of the Security And Related Activities (Control) Act 1996  approved baton endorsement

  • Completed CPPSEC3116 (Pistols) and CPPSEC3115 (Revolvers)

  • Must re-qualify every 6 months for currency compliance as per clause 16 of Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997.

We Will Provide:

  • Assessment package

  • Baton if required (you must contact us to confirm)

What Will You Be Expected to Complete?

  • Written assessment on Legislative requirements, safe baton deployment principles and use of force

  • Revision in the application of use of force, safe baton handling and application of baton strikes

  • Complete a written assessment

  • Practical assessment in the use of force, safe baton handling and application of baton strikes

What Will You Receive on Completion?

  • A Certificate of Competency

  • Completed WA Police Licensing proof of re-qualification assessment


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