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Firearms Requalification Course in Perth

Firearms Re-qualification

Security officers who hold a firearms licence for the purposes of Cash-In-Transit (CIT) duties or similar and has completed CPPSEC3008A Control security risk using firearms from CPP30411 Certificate III in Security operations must under go re-qualification and assessment every 12 months in order to maintain currency under clause 14A of the Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997.

The firearms re-qualification course must be conducted in accordance with Condition 18 of the Police Commissioners Conditions.


Condition 18

A firearms re-qualification course is to cover reinforcement training, of firearm safety, training in the use of force and a Course of Firing of firearms at targets set at various distances. The course is to be conducted over a minimum of four (4) hours face to face training. The Course of Firing of firearms at targets set at various distances is to be conducted in accordance with Condition 14.

Condition 14

The firearm qualification shoot is to be undertaken as a complete serial to a maximum of three qualification serials per training session. The serial must be completed in sequence as per the approved Course of Fire on each and every occasion.

The Course of Fire sequence is a total of twenty four (24) rounds over four distances.


To Attend This Course You Must:

  • IF you are an Agent and hold a Corporate Licence, you may bring your own firearm. We can provide firearms for the assessment if required.

  • Have a suitable holster, belt, and at least 3 magazines

  • We can provide ancillary equipment for the assessment if required

  • Provide a valid Security License or photo ID issued by a Western Australian Government agency

  • You must meet the requirements specified under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 and Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997.

  • Be proficient in the English Language

We Will Provide:

  • Range fees Included

  • Hearing protection

  • Eye protection

  • Targets

  • Those without a firearm; we will provide a firearm, suitable holster, belt, and 3 magazines

  • Those needing an urgent or individual shoot may incur additional fees to cover the range hire and trainer fees. Please contact us to discuss.

What Will You Be Expected to Complete?

  • Written assessment on Legislative requirements, firearm safety principles and use of force

  • Revision in dry firing techniques, stoppages and holstering for handgun

  • Strip and assemble of handguns

  • Scenario training in the use of force

  • Course of Fire in accordance with WA Police Licensing requirements

What Will You Receive on Completion?

  • A Certificate of Competency

  • Completed WA Police Licensing proof of re-qualification assessment

Are you a Corporation or Agent?

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