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Baton, Handcuff & OC Spray Course in Perth

Course Objectives

After completing the Baton, Handcuff & OC Spray Course, our goal is to ensure you can confidently present and control a subject using a baton, apply the handcuffs and deploy OC spray if and when necessary. Our training meets the standard for employment with the Wilson Security TransPerth buses requirements.

This course is vital for a licensed security officer wanting to advance their career in the security industry. Job roles include:

  • Transit officer
  • Cash-In-Transit officer

Further, having the ability to present a baton or spray, to defend self and others, direct persons and further to apply handcuffs within the requirements of the law.

You can only be endorsed to carry a baton under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996, s26.

There is no endorsement to carry handcuffs or OC spray, however it is a requirement in the State of Western Australia, that a security officer, who carries a baton, handcuffs or OC spray for their employment must hold a current certification and authorisation from their employer. Crowd controllers cannot carry a baton.


How Is The Course Delivered?

Face to face with a minimum of 2.5 days for all four units to be delivered, to meet Wilson Security Public Transport Authority requirements. The Baton, Handcuff & OC Spray course is broken down into 1 day of baton training and 1 day for restraints, handcuffs and half a day for OC spray. Assessment scenarios are clustered to achieve this.

Course Cost

Cost is per person:

  • All four units (CPPSEC3110, CPPSEC3111, CPPSEC3121 and CPPSEC3126): $320
  • Baton and cuffs (CPPSEC3110, CPPSEC3111 and CPPSEC3121): $250
  • CPPSEC3110 Control persons using batons only: $150
  • CPPSEC3111 Restrain persons using handcuffs only: $100
  • CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques:  $100
  • CPPSEC3126 Defend persons using spray only: $100

Speak to us for group discounts of 6 participants and up.


Course Content and Outcomes

The aim of the Baton, Handcuff & OC Spray course is to develop participant understanding in providing operational security services in the context of high risk asset protection and includes the following:

  • Following correct procedures for drawing and holding batons and adopting stance and tactical positioning
  • Using negotiation techniques to defuse conflict, and direct and restrain a person
  • Using a baton to apply defensive strikes to target areas of the body, and avoiding vital areas and monitoring the wellbeing of the subject
  • Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the response to identify improved practices
  • Identifying and assessing the need to use handcuffs, confirming personal safety needs including personal protective equipment (PPE) and monitoring and observing the subject to approach allowing a safe defensive distance
  • Applying handcuffs using appropriate pressure, checking that they are locked and can be unlocked, and minimising physical contact and humiliation or indignity that may be suffered by the subject
  • Using communication to give directions and warnings, and removing handcuffs in a manner that maintains control of the subject
  • Complying with policies, procedures and legal rights and responsibilities including workplace health and safety (WHS)
  • Identifying and assessing the need to use spray based on risk and threat levels, and confirming personal safety needs including personal protective equipment (PPE) and options for withdrawal
  • Using negotiation techniques to defuse conflict and give spoken warning of the intention to use spray
  • Discharging spray in a controlled manner and adjusting discharge to respond to changing circumstances in a manner that protects self and others and does not cause undue harm to the subject
  • Monitoring the wellbeing of the subject and providing required assistance

Prerequisites Stipulated By The RTO

  • Must live in and have a Western Australian residential address.
  • Applicants must demonstrate good language, literacy and numeracy required at this level. A LLN assessment may be conducted at pre-enrolment to assess whether the applicant requires LLN support for this training
  • Participants may choose to undertake an LLN assessment with one of our qualified assessors prior to committing to their enrolment in this qualification
  • Have completed CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations
  • It is expected that the candidate has a good background working in the Security Industry (minimum one (1) year) as this course focuses on the use of force and undertaking arrest.
  • 100 points of identification

Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning is available to persons who have extensive experience in security, Policing, Corrections, Military and related fields and can demonstrate proof of course completion in those job roles.

Assessment is conducted via a detailed portfolio of evidence, workbook, questions and written scenarios to support your claim for RPL. Further information about the RPL process will be explained prior to enrolment with any of our training assessor. Where you and your Impact assessor can identify if there are any requirements for further training, you may choose to do this through the completion of individual units (at an additional fee)

Cancellation Policy

Deposits will not be refunded for students who do not turn up for classes or decide at a later date after booking that they do not want to attend. Changes to class times are allowed, but not within 48 hours of the class commencing.

See our policies on cancellation of courses and the fees incurred.

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